AMAC Bid Board

The AMAC Bid Board is a nationwide listing of active and upcoming bid opportunities at governments across the country. If you represent a government organization that would like to post opportunities, please contact us at

Note: the bid opportunities listed on this bid board are the sole responsibility of each government. Contact the specific organization for more information regarding the bidding schedule and available documents.

Active Listings
Subject Date Posted View
Greenville-Spartanburg Airport - Cash-to-Card Kiosk Services1/18/2021
Kenton County Airport Board - Fleet Vehicles - 21-011/14/2021
Indianapolis International Airport - Garage Precast Louver Panels (Phase II) - I-17-036 0221/14/2021
National and Dulles Airports - Safety Ties and Fall Protection Services - IFB-20-272401/13/2021
National and Dulles Airport - Fire Suppression Equipment Maintenance - IFB-20-270381/13/2021
HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATION AUTHORITY - Temporary Air Traffic Consulting Services for Special Events - RFP No. 920131/13/2021
National and Dulles Airports - Operation and Management of the Public Parking and Shuttle Bus Concession - RFP-20-280751/11/2021
Dulles Airport - Fire Truck Tires - RFQ-20-277171/11/2021
Sonoma County Airport - pre-packaged food and beverage service1/7/2021
National and Dulles Airports - Maintenance of HTHW Generators and Boilers - RFP-20-251641/7/2021
Indianapolis Airport Authority - Garage Helices Fabric Structure Repair - Project No. I-20-0671/7/2021
Indianapolis Airport Authority - IMC Interim Roof Repairs - Project No. I-20-0421/6/2021
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority - Operation and Management of the Public Parking and Shuttle Bus Concession1/5/2021
Kenton County Airport Board - Stormwater Treatment Plant BIOLAC and Clarifier System Improvements1/4/2021
HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATION AUTHORITY - Boarding Passes, Bag Tags, and Kiosk Paper - 10702512/30/2020
Philadelphia International Airport - Civil Engineering services for Federal Project12/29/2020
Kenton County Airport Board - Ted Bushelman Boulevard Improvements Project12/18/2020
Wayne County Airport Authority - FINANCIAL CONSULTING SERVICES - SOLICITATION NO. 20547212/9/2020
HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATION AUTHORITY - On-Call Concrete Airfield Slab Replacement11/18/2020
Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative - 6th Annual State of Latino Entrepreneurship Forum11/9/2020
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