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AMAC Bid Board

The AMAC Bid Board is a nationwide listing of active and upcoming bid opportunities at governments across the country. If you represent a government organization that would like to post opportunities, please contact us at amac@dbedirectory.com.

Note: the bid opportunities listed on this bid board are the sole responsibility of each government. Contact the specific organization for more information regarding the bidding schedule and available documents.

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Active Listings
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Subject Date Posted View
Philadelphia International Airport - The City of Philadelphia - PHL Airport On-Call Security/Special Systems Engineering Services2/24/2020View
Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) - Notice of Bid posting - Station #1 (South) Refurbishment - #20-0 ARFF2/24/2020View
Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) - Invitation To Bid - Runway & Pavement Marking Paint - #20-112/24/2020View
Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) - Invitation to Bid - Mulch - #20-102/24/2020View
Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) - Invitation to Bid - Glass Beads - #20-122/24/2020View
The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority - Network and Systems Engineers Staff Augmentation - RFP-19-175602/21/2020View
Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority - RDU Current Business Opportunities2/21/2020View
Wayne County Airport Authority - Request for Bids - Removal and Replacement Roofing Systems Building 737 - SOL No. 2052422/19/2020View
Lee County Port Authority - Request for Offers - Consulting Services for Shared Tenant Services Program and Implementation - 20-25 MLW2/19/2020View
Latino Business Action Network - 2020 SXSW Conference2/17/2020View
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority - Wi-Fi Management and Technical Support Services, National and Dulles Airports - IFB-19-179722/14/2020View
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority - Two 3/4-Ton Trucks, National Airport - RFQ-19-182982/14/2020View
Wayne County Airport Authority - Trash Receptacle's - Solicitation No. 2050082/13/2020View
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority - Foreign Currency Exchange Concession, Dulles Airport - RFP-19-167312/13/2020View
Lee County Port Authority - Executive Search Services for an Airport Executive Director2/13/2020View
Hillsborough County Aviation Authority - Continuing Structural Consulting Services - Continuing Structural Consulting Services2/13/2020View
Lee County Port Authority - Aviation Fuel Supplier for Base Operations at Page Field - Request for Proposal 20-12MLW2/11/2020View
Kenton County Airport Board - Room and Event Set Up and Tear Down2/11/2020View
Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services - Airport Concession Disadvantage Business Enterprise (2/11/2020View
Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services - Airport Concession Disadvantage Business Enterprise (2/11/2020View
Philadelphia International Airport - Network Programming2/5/2020View
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority - Lighting Maintenance Services for Dulles Toll Road - IFB-19-187892/3/2020View
Lee County Port Authority - Pressure Washing Services-Walkways and Terminal Roof - RFB 20-08LKD1/29/2020View
Hillsborough County Aviation Authority - Project No. 8405 20 for Airside A Boarding Bridges, PCA AHU and GPU Replacements - RFQ No. 20-411-0131/29/2020View
Brian Ansari and Associates Inc. - JFK Specialized Engineering Construction Services1/28/2020View
Palm Beach International Airport - Public Address System Replacement - Project No. PB 20-11/27/2020View
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority - Network and Systems Engineers Staff Augmentation - RFP-19-175601/27/2020View
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority - Anti-Icing Services for Dulles Toll Road - IFB-19-148531/24/2020View
Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority - Parking Lot Expansion Project - BID-02-2020-PLE1/14/2020View
Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority - Fuel Farm Expansion Project Project - BID-01-2020-FUEL FARM1/14/2020View
Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority - Designs of the Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility - RFQ-06-2019-CONRAC12/20/2019View
Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services - ACDBE Joint Venture Opportunity and/or ACDBE Supplier for Goods and Services12/18/2019View
City and County of Denver - DEN Concessions Program12/18/2019View
Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services - ACDBE Supplier Opportunity - Detroit Metro Airport12/13/2019View
554-RFP20-3013-DSP Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority Branding Website Redesign and Relaunch 554-RFP20-3013-DSP11/13/2019View
St. Louis Lambert International Airport - Press Release Regarding RFQ Respondents' Information For Private Lease Operator11/6/2019View
Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority - Requests for Proposals (RFP) for the Terminal 2 Coffee-Snack RFP11/6/2019View
RDUAA : International Drive Pavement Rehabilitation project10/29/2019View
The City and County of Denver’s Department of Aviation (City or DEN) DEN Concessions Program: RFP 1-07 A Center East Coffee Kiosk 20195205510/28/2019View
I-20-010 - IND Terminal Ancillary Services – Enhancements9/23/2019View
3 year Disadvantages Business Opportunity Goal.9/11/2019View
ITB No. 19-411-034, Project No. 5615 18 for Airside A Air Handler Replacement8/6/2019View

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