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AMAC Bid Board

The AMAC Bid Board is a nationwide listing of active and upcoming bid opportunities at governments across the country. If you represent a government organization that would like to post opportunities, please contact us at amac@dbedirectory.com.

Note: the bid opportunities listed on this bid board are the sole responsibility of each government. Contact the specific organization for more information regarding the bidding schedule and available documents.

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Active Listings
(click the view link to display additional information)
Subject Date Posted View
HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATION AUTHORITY (AUTHORITY) - Landscaping Debris Removal - ITB No. 18-534-0365/23/2018View
Philadelphia International Airport - Executive Search Consulting Services5/22/2018View
Hangar 35 Executive Hangar Lease Agmt Legal Advertisement - Notice to Submit Proposals - Louisville regional Airport Authority5/18/2018View
Charleston County Aviation Authority - Airport Passenger Shuttle Service - Procurement #: 2018-CHS-1505/11/2018View
Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (Authority) - Airsides A & F Handler Replacement5/9/2018View
Palm Beach County Department of Airports - Construction Manager at Risk Service - Project No. DOA 18-35/7/2018View
Norfolk Airport Authority - Replacement and Upgrade of Parking Access and Revenue Control system5/4/2018View
City of San Jose - DB Entities for SJ International Airport Interim Facility - Four Gates Project - Bid #AIR 88955/4/2018View
Port of Oakland - Hotel and Restaurant Development5/1/2018View
City of Phoenix - Aviation Department - Develop and Operate Common-Use Airport Lounge5/1/2018View
Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (Authority) - Airside F Roof Replacement- RFQ No. 18-411-035 Project No. 6545 194/25/2018View
Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services - ACDBE Joint Venture Opportunity4/23/2018View
Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services - ACDBE Joint Venture Opportunity4/23/2018View
Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services - ACDBE Food and Beverage Concession Operator4/23/2018View
Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (Authority) - State Legislative Consulting Services4/20/2018View
Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (Authority) - Airfield Pavement Rehabilitation - Signage Replacement - ITB No. 18-411-024 Project No. 8800 164/18/2018View
Indianapolis Airport Authority - Concessions to Lease & Operate Food & Beverage, Specialty Retail, News & Convenience & Service Concessions4/17/2018View
HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATION AUTHORITY (AUTHORITY) - Support Buildings and Pavement Repairs - ITB No. 18-411-027, Project No. 6435 174/13/2018View
Indianapolis Airport Authority - Design, Financing, Development, Operating and Maintaining of a New Hotel4/5/2018View
Norfolk Airport Authority - Property and Casualty Insurance Program3/15/2018View
Delaware North Companies Travel Hospitality Services - ACDBE Joint Venture Opportunity3/14/2018View
State of Latino Entrepreneurship - Latino Business Action Network2/12/2018View

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